Foundation (Solutions) Home Loans

Mortgage Type

Specialist BTL/Commercial

Property Value (min)


Advance (min)

£500,000 for large loan range excluding fees

Advance (max)

Currently max loan across all ranges if 75% up to £1,500,000

£100,000 on low loan range (Available to Portfolio landlords only)
£2,000,000 on Large loan range up to 65% LTV
£2,000,000 on loan for both individual units and HMO/MUB up to 65%
£1,000,000 up to 75% LTV
£500,000 up to 80% and 85% LTV

Semi Commercial loans max £3,000,000

Term (Max)

30 years

Minimum Age

21 years old

Maximum Age

No maximum age for Limited Company applications. 85 for individual applications

Family Cash Gift Deposit

A gifted deposit (100%) is acceptable from immediate family members if accompanied by a declaration from the family member/s confirming no repayment required and that they hold no interest in the property which will be purchased using the gifted funds.

Family Gift of Equity Deposit


Income (min)

No requirement - any income must be from a legal source, and will be assessed on the bank statements used to support the BTL application.


Maximum of £5 Million with Foundation Home Loans, unlimited with other lenders.
Exposure limits - Maximum of three properties holding a Foundation Home
Loans mortgage in any one full postcode per borrower.
If block of flats has over 3 storeys with cladding, it will not be considered.
Where multiple applications in the same location are received, underwriters should consider:
Property location, i.e. are the properties in a location where multiple lets could easily be obtained
Whether there is any relationship between the applicant and the vendor/developer of new properties, i.e. is the applicant genuinely trying to create a personal portfolio, or does he have an interest in the properties and is this an attempt to obtain a cheap source of commercial finance, in which case the application should be declined
The Company will review concentration risk across the whole of the lender portfolio (Foundation Home Loans) where over exposure may necessitate a decline of the application.
Acceptable SIC Codes for SPV Ltd companies are:

Let to Buy (Turning Residential into Buy to Let)


DWP Tenants


Ex-Local Authority Properties

Flats and maisonettes – Considered on a case by case basis.
Houses - Yes, subject to valuers comments and good marketability.

Subject to valuer’s comments and an EWS1 If valuer asks for it

If block of flats has over 3 storeys with cladding, it will not be considered.

Minimum years remaining on leasehold property

50 years remaining on the lease at the end of the mortgage term

Minimum Ownership

Properties must be owned for a minimum of 6 months before being considered for re-mortgage. Where bridging was involved this will be reduced to 3 months.

If looking to re-mortgage sole BTL, then need to have had existing BTL for 12

6 months for for a <6 bed HMO property) - special product.

(3 months if property purchased via bridging loan)

Day 1 remortgages as long as not on specials range

Permanent rights to reside and remain

All applicants must be resident in the UK at the time of application and have indefinite right to remain or indefinite right of entry.
Applicants would normally have been permanently resident in the UK for the last three years


Ex Pat applications will be considered for both individuals and Limited Company (All Directors to provide a personal guarantee for full loan amount) applications where the applicant:

Has a credit footprint in the UK

Pays UK tax or has declared income for UK tax purposes

Has at least one Buy to Let property in the UK

Is employed by a multi-national employer or Sovereign entity

Has written confirmation from their employer of their residential address in the foreign country and period of residency

Has a UK bank account

Provides the last two years’ SA100 and tax calculations

Ex Pat

Acceptable Areas for Expats

Foundation Homeloans will consider lending where the applicant is based in the EEA, including Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway.
Also allowed for EU/EEA/Switzerland can be accepted but only if the offer documentation can be signed/executed in the UK.
Foundation Home Loans will not consider lending where the expatriate is resident in, or funds originate from, the following countries:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)
Sri Lanka
Switzerland - can be accepted but only if the offer documentation can be signed/executed in the UK.
Trinidad and Tobago

Where the applicant is resident in a country which is both outside the EEA and not on the above exclusion list (eg Switzerland, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates) then Foundation Homeloans will consider lending on a case by case basis.

New Builds

New build flats – up to 70% of the re-sale value

Houses - Yes, to 75% LTV

Flats: - Definition: Properties that have been built or significantly altered or refurbished within the last two years.

Significantly altered or refurbished is further defined as properties that have had structural or planning changes sufficient to change the occupancy or use class of the property.

New Build Flats:
• Lending to a maximum of 70% LTV
• Lending limit: No more than 5% of a single block of flats/development subject to a minimum of two units
• Off-plan: We will allow off-plan subject to a satisfactory re-inspection prior to release of funds
• Interest rate coverage must reflect ground rent and service charges where these are deemed to be onerous by the valuer

Properties with schemes and restrictions are not considered such as Section 106 restrictions, Keyworker/affordable housing schemes, shared equity.

Credit Score


Rental Calculation

For Individual and Limited Company products: – 145% of pay rate (5 year fixed products) or 5.50% notional rate for all other products

Historic CCJ’s & Defaults

Range Dependent:

Standard Range: No CCJs/defaults registered in the last 24 months, regardless of whether they have been satisfied. All CCJs/defaults must be satisfied and brought up to date at time of application.

Unsecured arrears - for Mail order, Utility accounts, communication contracts & credit cards.

Underwriter can consider up to 4 missed/late payments on 1 individual account or 4 missed/late payments
(4 individual accounts) across a combination of accounts where combine value is less than £500

No missed mortgage payments in the last 24 months.

Unsecured loans and credit cards - Worst status of 2 in the last 24 months with 0 in the last 12

Other Unsecured (mail order, utility, communication contracts) - Worst status of 4 in the last 24 months

No IVA or Administration Order registered against any borrower.

No Bankruptcy Order against any borrower.

Debt Management Plans: Applicants who have entered into, or are still repaying, a debt management plan in the last 24 months are not acceptable.

All accounts must be up to date at the time of application,
All CCJ’s and Defaults must be satisfied at the time of application

Standard Plus Range - CCJs & Defaults: - No CCJs/Defaults registered in the last 72 months, regardless of whether they have been satisfied.
All defaults and CCJs must be satisfied irrespectiveof when they occurred.

Unsecured loan arrears: A worst status of 0 in the last 72 months.

Credit card arrears: A worst status of 0 in the last 72 months.

Mail Order, Communications & Utilities: A worst status of 4 in the last 24 months per account provided all accounts are up to date on application.

Mortgage arrears: A worst status of 0 in the last 72 months.

Valuation Fees

Valuation fees paid direct to lender at the lender fee scale.

Maximum number of applicants

Maximum 2


Will lend in England, Scotland and Wales.


Access to Foundation Home Loans is available via selected packagers only.

Missed mortgage payments

Considered, Product specific, refer to product guide. Assessed on worst status and not missed payments.

Property Type / Commercial

Up to 10 Bed HMO's and up to 10 units on 1 title. They offer true no minimum income BTL lending.

Mixed-use (Part-commercial) - considered, check product range as it may be Solutions.

Green Mortgages available for the remortgage of properties with an EPC rating of C or above

HMO's and Multi units not available to first time landlords

Also - a First time landlord product is available for non-owner occupiers, however not for first time buyers. Foundation Home Loans define a first time buyer as someone who has never owned a property – either outright, or with a mortgage – ever. First time landlord is someone who has not owned a buy to let property within 2 years prior to application for this lender. Will not consider first time landlords
If block of flats has over 3 storeys with cladding, it will not be considered.
Ltd company considered - 1 director must meet criteria.
Based on AST rental - however, not required to have AST in place
No to serviced apartments

Short term lets are considered

F2 Range:

Extra Large HMOs- 9 bedroom plus
Semi Commercial- a combination of both residential and commercial use
Holiday Lets- using holiday let income
Extra Large loans- Up to £5m on an
20 bed HMO on a case by case basis.


Will lend in England and Wales only

Type of Credit Search conducted at AIP stage

Hard foot print

Portfolio Landlords

Portfolio Landlords Accepted

Background Portfolio Requirements

– Maximum 75% aggregate LTV for the overall portfolio
– A minimum rental stress of 100% at 5.5% across the portfolio with at least 100% coverage for each mortgaged/unencumbered property

Portfolio Landlord Criteria

– FHL to an aggregate borrowing of £3m
– No limit on the size of existing portfolio with other lenders

Additional Document Requirements

– Portfolio Schedule – All cases
– Business Plan – Not required
– Cashflow Statement – Not required
– Asset & Liability Statement – Not required
* Lender will accept client versions so long as covers the lenders minimum requirements