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Providing solutions for advisers

Welcome to 3mc

Mortgage packagers exist to provide solutions for advisers on cases they deal with on an infrequent basis, and so can give you the tools you need to make the most of every lead.

Packagers have been around for as long as the specialist market. At 3mc we have worked with thousands of advisers through multiple market cycles. The sector is also bigger than you might think. We handled in excess of £2bn worth of specialist mortgage enquiries at 3mc last year and we are just one packager.


What packaging fees do you charge?

For first charge, Residential and Buy to Let we charge £95. For all other types of business including Commercial and Bridging we charge £495. The fee is only payable by your client at full application submission stage.

What procuration fees do we pay?

All procuration fees payable are detailed in the procuration fees section on our website. Click Here for full details. The procuration fees section details both the gross and net procuration fee received.

What is the Introducer Service?

The introducer service will enable you to refer clients to 3mc safe in the knowledge that 3mc will provide a fully advised and recommendation process to your client and that you will receive a percentage of the gross revenue received at completion.

There is a no cross-sell agreement in place for any other products apart from the mortgage. If the client approaches 3mc for further mortgages or at the end of the product period, the client remains that of the Introducer and the Introducer receives the same commercial terms for repeat business.

The extended service includes Residential, Bridging, Commercial, Buy to Let and portfolio Buy to Let referrals.

What is the commission payable for the Introducer Service?

3mc will pay 25% gross of the overall revenue earned at completion. If the client approaches 3mc for further mortgages or at the end of the product period, the client remains that of the Introducer and the Introducer receives the same commercial terms for repeat business.

What is the Packaging Service?

The packaging service enables a Mortgage Adviser to access the entire 3mc lender panel for each mortgage enquiry. As part of the research process, we provide the Mortgage Adviser with all available Lenders that would consider the criteria as well as all available products. At formal offer stage we also check to see if the rate and product is still the most competitive available from the Lender. The advice process remains that of the Mortgage Advisers.

Do we have access to Onsite Lender Underwriters?

Yes. We also have Lender representatives on site at our Head Office in Altrincham.

Which mortgage networks/clubs do you work with?

3mc is on panel with the following mortgage networks.

  • Stonebridge
  • Sesame
  • The Right Mortgage Network
  • Homeloan Partnership
  • The Dragon Network

3mc is on panel with the following mortgage clubs.

  • PMS
  • The Mortgage Alliance
What is 3mcView and how do I register?

3mcView is your dedicated Broker portal. Track all your cases from simple enquiries all the way through to completed applications. With 24/7 access allows you to check the status of your case whenever you want and from wherever you are.

Click Here to register for 3mcView.

Who manages the advice process?

The Mortgage Adviser retains the advice process when using the 3mc packaging service. 3mc retains the advice process when the Introducer uses the 3mc introducer service.

Benefits of working with a packager

Why are so many advisers choosing to work with a Packager?

For Packagers, specialist lending is our mainstream. We deal with specialist Lenders on a volume basis and this means that we are full-time experts.

In addition to expertise, Packagers can provide you with access to Lenders and criteria that are not available direct to advisers. A lot of new Lenders entering the market at the moment are only available through Packagers and many established Lenders choose to distribute some of their most in-demand deals through Packagers as this provides them greater control over the volume they lend on these popular products.

Let's compare

Accessing Lenders via 3mc versus direct

Lender Name via Lender via 3mc

Discharged Bankrupts considered after 3 years
Discharged Bankrupts considered after 1 year

IVA’s considered after 3 years
IVA’s can be current - cleared on completion

Right to Buy Range Sapphire Range not available direct
Right to Buy Sapphire Range available

No free valuation Deposit Unlock products
Free valuation for Deposit Unlock products

Ex – Pat Residential – Max 85% LTV
Ex – Pat Residential – Max 90% LTV

2 & 5 Yr. Fixed – Interest only
0.20% cheaper pay rate

Interest only – maximum 60% LTV
Interest only – maximum 80% LTV

Packager Exclusive Tier not available
Packager Exclusive Tier available

Up to 6 x LTI not available
Up to 6 x LTI available

No free valuation residential products
Free valuation residential products available
Lender Name via Lender via 3mc

Ex-Pat 5 Yr. Fixed rates. Not all countries available
Up to 0.30% cheaper + additional incentives. Plus, additional countries

Select Panel Benefits not available
Select Panel Benefits available

Packager Exclusive Tier not available
Packager Exclusive Tier available

Key Partner exclusive products not available
Key Partner exclusive products available

Large semi exclusive HMO/MUFB products not available
Large semi exclusive HMO/MUFB products available

Specialist BTL product available
Specialist BTL product not available

Over 28 years industry experience

No compromises

Using a Packager does not mean compromising your procuration fee. In fact, if you work with 3mc, you will receive a similar fee as you would receive if you dealt directly with a Lender, as we receive a fee in addition to the market procuration fee from the Lenders with whom we work.

Another example where using a Packager can enhance your service as an intermediary is having access to Lender Underwriters. It is vital in placing any specialist case and, at 3mc, we have access to onsite underwriters from several different Lenders all under one roof. This enables 3mc to discuss a case directly with a decision-maker and receive an immediate decision.

Enhance your experience

Nowadays, you can choose how you want to work with a Packager partner and you should always retain ownership of your client.

If you want to retain ownership of the advice your client receives, you can harness the knowledge of our Packager service by using us as a specialist Mortgage Desk to research the options for your client and provide a range of suitable solutions.