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Mortgage Packager

Mortgage packagers exist to provide solutions for advisers on cases they deal with on an infrequent basis, and so can give you the tools you need to make the most of every lead.

Packagers have been around for as long as the specialist market. At 3mc we are celebrating our 25th year of business in 2020 and we have worked with thousands of advisers through multiple market cycles. The sector is also bigger than you might think. We handled in excess of £2bn worth of specialist mortgage enquiries at 3mc last year and we are just one packager.

So why are so many advisers choosing to work with a packager?

For packagers, specialist lending is our mainstream. We deal with specialist lenders on a volume basis and this means that we are full-time experts.

In addition to expertise, packagers can provide you with access to lenders and criteria that are not available direct to advisers. A lot of new lenders entering the market at the moment are only available through packagers and many established lenders choose to distribute some of their most in-demand deals through packagers as this provides them greater control over the volume they lend on these popular products.

See how we compare

Lender Name via Lender via 3mc
Dudley Building Society 90% LTV 2 Yr. fixed rate @ 3.69% + £499 lender fee 90% LTV 2 Yr. fixed rate @ 3.69% - No lender fee
Pepper Money Pepper 6, 12 and 18 available 0.05% cheaper rate on Pepper 6,12 and 18
Bluestone Mortgages Help to Buy Sapphire Range not available direct Help to Buy Sapphire Range available
Bluestone Mortgages Discharged Bankrupts considered after 3 years Discharged Bankrupts considered after 1 year
Bluestone Mortgages IVA’s considered after 3 years IVA’s can be current cleared on completion
Bluestone Mortgages Right to Buy Range not available direct Right to buy Range available
Paragon Bank Residential not available direct Full residential range available
United Trust Bank Not available direct - restricted product range Full Residential Range available
Family Building Society Interest only 2 Yr. fixed rate not available direct Interest only 2 Yr. fixed rate available
Dudley Building Society Heylo Shared Ownership not available direct Heylo Shared Ownership available
The Mortgage Lender LUMI range not available direct LUMI range available
Vida Homeloans Vida 1, 2 and 3 – Max 80% LTV Vida 1, 2 and 3 – Max 85% LTV - 0.03% cheaper
Lender Name via Lender via 3mc
Pepper Money Ltd Co. BTL 5 Yr. fixed rate Pepper 48 available Pay rate 0.05% cheaper with free valuation
Family Building Society 5 Yr. fixed rate range not available direct 5 Yr. fixed rate range available
Family Building Society 5 Yr. Limited Co. fixed rate not available direct 5 Yr. Limited Co. fixed rate available
Family Building Society 5 Yr. fixed rate Ex-Pat range not available direct 5 Yr. fixed rate Ex-Pat range available
Family Building Society Limited Ex-Pat countries considered Full lender Ex-Pat countries considered
Landbay NRLA member 5 Yr. fixed rate not available NRLA member 5 Yr. fixed rate available – 0.05% cheaper
Landbay 3.39% 5 Yr. fixed rate HMO not available 3.39% HMO 5 Yr. fixed rate available – 0.20% cheaper + 0.25% cheaper lender fee
Foundation Homeloans Standard background portfolio assessment Enhanced background portfolio assessment available

No compromises

Using a packager does not mean compromising your procuration fee. In fact, if you work with 3mc, you will receive a similar fee as you would receive if you dealt directly with a lender, as we receive a fee in addition to the market procuration fee from the lenders with whom we work.

Enhance your service

Another example where using a packager can enhance your service as an intermediary is having access to lender underwriters. It is vital in placing any specialist case and, at 3mc, we have access to onsite underwriters from several different lenders all under one roof. This enables 3mc to discuss a case directly with a decision-maker and receive an immediate decision.
Nowadays, you can choose how you want to work with a packager partner and you should always retain ownership of your client.

If you want to retain ownership of the advice your client receives, you can harness the knowledge of a packager by using it as a specialist mortgage desk to research the options for your client and provide a range of suitable solutions. At 3mc, we support this with a handy criteria comparison on our website so that you can see, at a glance, how specialist lenders match up against each other.


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Introducer Service

Alternatively, if you would rather focus on other areas of your business, you could use an introducer service, like the one available through 3mc.

When you come across a specialist case, simply pass the client to 3mc and we will take over the advice and recommendation process in return for a percentage of the gross commission. There is a no cross-sell agreement in place for any products other than the mortgage and the client remains your client. This means that if the client approaches 3mc directly for advice in the future, you will receive the same commercial terms for repeat business.

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