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13 residential lenders available – Self employed accounts for 1 year

Our specialist lenders assess self employed income via different methods with 13 lenders from our residential panel considering clients with accounts for 1 year. Each lender will accept different sources of income from within the accounts before arriving at the allowable income for affordability. The different sources of income can include :-

  • Directors pension contributions
  • Operating profits
  • Retained net profits
  • Use of home as an office

The self employed section within compare criteria under each residential lender details the acceptable sources of income and also enables you to source which specialist lenders consider your 1 year self employed clients.

Compare criteria enables you to source all 3mc lenders within 3 Easy Steps. Once you compare 2 or more lenders you can then email yourself the results to assist with your compliance.

For further information visit the 3mc website or call the specialist mortgage desk on 0161 962 7800

Access 6 Different Lender Onsite Underwriters with 3mc

There are now 6 different lender underwriters onsite each week at 3mc providing access to over 50 different full and shared exclusive product variations along with enhanced criteria when dealing with the same lender.

Onsite lender underwriter benefits include:-

  • Speed – Of processing DIP’s, applications, lender requirements & offers
  • Consistency – Same underwriter, same decisions with same processing
  • Access – To core lender range as well as 3mc full & shared exclusives

For further information contact the 3mc specialist mortgage desk on 0161 962 7800 or visit the website