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Landbay is a specialist buy-to-let lender with tailored solutions for experienced landlords. Landbay’s products include no ERC fixed and tracker rates, with some products designed specifically for HMOs, MUFBs and expat borrowers.

Landbay’s lending team and board offer an in-depth knowledge of the mortgage industry, combined with a fresh, technology-enabled approach to lending, which equips them to take on complex cases. With a highly experienced underwriting team on board, Landbay provide a transparent and rational approach to securing mortgage finance for brokers and advisers, with speed and flexibility at the heart of the lending process

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In order to register as a mortgage club member with Landbay, please click on the following link – “Landbay – How To Apply” and click on “Register” – you must select 3mc as your mortgage club to ensure you gain access to 3mc’s core product range and procuration fees.

How to Add 3mc as a Payment Route with This Lender

Once registering, you must select 3mc as your “Payment Route/Mortgage Club” from the admin options during the registration process.

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Telephone: 0207 096 2700 (Club business enquiries)

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