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Birmingham Bank offer single or multiple property loans to Buy to Let landlords. Specialising in standard buy to let properties, flats, small HMOs up to 8 rooms and small MUFBs up to 6 units, our aim is to secure leverage for landlords as they grow their portfolios.

A portfolio loan can include the same or mixed property types. By including different yielding properties, leverage can be achieved through a blended ICR approach.

We accept unlimited numbers of properties, have a max £2m exposure per borrower, offer up to 75% LTV and no limits on background portfolios.

How to register with Birmingham Bank

Please call the specialist mortgage desk on 0161 962 7800 for further information on Birmingham Bank.

Please register on 3mc’s 3mcView portal to submit all enquiries and AIP/DIP’s.

How to submit business

Please submit your enquiry/AIP into our portal, 3mcView – a DIP form is required currently for the lender, which will need to be uploaded to the portal.