Dudley Building Society

At The Dudley we deal with the unusual as well as standard cases.

No credit scoring and manual underwriting enables us to bring flexibility and realism to both employed and self employed clients.

Offering interest only, lending into retirement and enviable service standards, we have much to offer you and your clients.


How to Submit Business

Please call the specialist mortgage desk on 0161 962 7800 for further information on Dudley Building Society

Before the case goes to Dudley Building Society we need to obtain the necessary “DIP” information

To obtain this decision in principle you will need to complete this form and a mortgage budget planner form below scanning and e-mailing sales@3-mc.com

Dudley BS DIP Form

Dudley BS Mortgage Interactive Application Form

Please note: for all submissions to Dudley BS, the minimum required in order for the lender to underwrite the case is as follows:

• Identification for all applicants
• Confirmation of income for all applicants (last 3 months payslips, last 3yrs accounts)
• Last 3 months bank statements
• Budget planner
• Signed application declaration

To ensure that your application is assessed, please take care to include the following pieces of information. Please note, without ALL of these pieces of information your application will not be assessed and will be returned to you.

Lender Products

Dudley Building Society Product Guide

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