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The Mortgage Lender

Mortgage Type

Specialist BTL/Commercial

Property Value (min)

£50,000 (£120,000 London & South East) £120,000 for HMO £150,000 for properties above commercial premises

Advance (min)

Ltd Co and LLP cashback products - £75,000

Advance (max)

£3,000,000 up to 70% for a single unit BTL (Ind / Ltd co)
£1,000,000 up to 80% for a single unit BTL (Ind / Ltd co)
£600,000 up to 80% for HMO / Multi Unit
£600,000 up to 75% if New Build Flat / Above Commercial

Term (Max)

35 years (subject to there being a minimum unexpired leasehold term remaining at the end of the mortgage of 50 years).

Minimum Age

21 years

Maximum Age

80 at application; 95 at the end of the mortgage term

Family Cash Gift Deposit

Gifted deposits are allowed from family members i.e. parents, grandparents, spouse, gifts from wider family members and non - family members will be considered on a case by case basis by the underwriter. All gifted deposits will be subject to a gift letter from deposit provider including an explanation for the gift. Identification and evidence of funds will be required in these instances. Gift letter required from deposit provider. ID will be required and evidence of funds. ********* Cash in the Bank/Available · Savings – provided from applicants own resources · Limited Company/LLP – Reserves, working capital · Other – case by case basis Cash Not Yet in the Bank/Available · Sale of property or Pending sale – evidenced for example by a letter from solicitor · Sale of Shares/investment – evidenced for example by a contract note · Inheritance – evidenced for example letter from solicitor · Equity from another Property - evidenced for example by a Mortgage offer.

Family Gift of Equity Deposit

Considered, up to 75% LTV. Must NOT be a consumer BTL.

Income (min)

No minimum income


At least one applicant or director must have owned and still own at least one property (residential or buy to let) for a minimum of 12 months.
HMO: At least one applicant or director must have owned, let and still own one or more BTL property for a minimum of 12 months.
First Time Buyers applicants who have never owned a property are not allowed, First Time Landlords are acceptable.

Let to Buy (Turning Residential into Buy to Let)

Yes, consider Let-To-Move/ Let-to-Buy Applications on a case by case basis subject to TML being satisfied it is not a Consumer BTL application

DWP Tenants


Ex-Local Authority Properties

Yes, up to 75% on houses and flats

Ex-Local Authority Flats (England and Wales)

Will consider lending on Ex-Local Authority properties in England and Wales, subject to:

• Minimum valuation of £50,000 outside of London and the South East
• Minimum valuation of £120,000 in London and the South East
• Maximum 75% LTV
• Traditional construction only (as opposed to core criteria where non-traditional properties are allowed)
• Maximum 5 floors in block, except in London and the South East, where the maximum allowed is 10

Ex-Local Authority Flats (Scotland)

Will consider lending on Ex-Local Authority properties in Scotland, subject to the following criteria:
• Minimum valuation of £50,000
• Maximum 75% LTV
• Traditional Construction only (as opposed to Core Criteria where non-traditional properties are allowed)
• Maximum 5 floors in block

Minimum years remaining on leasehold property

50 at the end of the mortgage term

Minimum Ownership

Minimum time previously owned by vendor - 6 months, unless bought on a bridge or by cash, then can consider under 6 months ownership.

Permanent rights to reside and remain



Minimum income is £40,000 GBP equivalent for employed and retired.
Minimum Income is £60,000 GBP equivalent for self-employed and contractors.

First time landlords are not permitted, all Expat applicants must have an existing BTL for 12 months.
HMO: Expats must already own a HMO or a MUB and we require evidence of the existing HMO/ MUB properties.

UK property management: - Must be able to demonstrate family member or management company who can oversee the property. Provide company name & address (if a property company) or family member name, address & relationship

New Builds

Houses and flats up to 75% - if 75% required then max loan is £600,000.
Up to 70% then max loan £1.5mill.
Vendor/ Builder Gifted deposit
New Build – First time occupation, up to 5%, greater than 5% considered on a case by case basis.

Credit Score

No, but does have a minimum score which is very low.

Rental Calculation

Individuals: BRT – 125% / HRTP 140%
Ltd Co/LLP: 125% ICR
HMO/MUFH: 140%
New Build Flat / Above Commercial: 125% BRTP / HRTP 140%

5 year fixed products @ pay rate
All other products; nominal rate (5.5%) or the initial rate +2%, whichever is higher.
A minimum rental calculation for background portfolio of 125% @ 5.5%. No current maximum LTV.

Historic CCJ’s & Defaults

CCJs – maximum 1 (max £250) in 36 months, 0 in 12 months. Must be satisfied at time of application.

Secured arrears – 0 in 12 months, 1 in 24 months

Unsecured arrears – 0 in 6 months, 1 in 24 months

Defaults – 0 in 24 months

Pay day loans – 0 in 6 years

Valuation Fees

Valuation fees paid direct to lender and a processing fee of £95 at application to 3mc

Maximum number of applicants

4 applicants. In the event that the application is from a limited company, details of up to four directors/shareholders as applicants will be captured


England, Scotland and Wales. (Islands of Anglesey and Isle of Wight considered)


Access to TML is available via selected packagers only

Property Type / Commercial

Single Residential units
HMO's (up to 6 beds)
Student lets and Multi units on 1 title (up to 6 on 1 title).
Flats above commercial and ex local authority properties.

HMO Leaseholds flats considered

Minimum sizes as follows: -

40 sqm if outside of London.
30 sqm if inside of London- if less than it is by referral only, property address will be needed.

Same rule applies if it is a converted studio flat.

Please note, the minimum value to be considered will be £120,000 and will need to be in a city centre location and the valuer will have to confirm demand for this type of property.


England, Scotland and Wales.

Portfolio Landlords

Portfolio Landlords Accepted

Background Portfolio Requirements

– No maximum LTV for the overall portfolio

– A minimum rental stress of 125% at 5.5%

Landlord Criteria

– Up to an aggregate borrowing of £5m
– No limit on the size of existing portfolio with other lenders

Additional Document Requirements

– Portfolio Submission form only – All portfolio landlord cases

NB – Portfolio assessment will be valid for 6 months to reduce requirements on subsequent applications

Details of all properties held by applicants should be included in the Portfolio Schedule, including
unencumbered properties.