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Shawbrook Bank

Mortgage Type

Bridging Lenders

Property Value (min)


Advance (min)

£50,000 for Regulated bridging
£40,000 for Resi/Commercial Investment bridging.

Advance (max)

£15,000,000 per client. Higher is considered by exception.

Term (Max)

18 months

Minimum Age

21 years

Maximum Age


Family Cash Gift Deposit

Yes - Gift letter should be completed. Has to include copy of donor’s identity and a bank statement showing funds in a UK bank account

Family Gift of Equity Deposit

Yes - evidence of payment conduct is required for any borrowings the parents may have secured on the property to ensure they are not shifting bad debt to the applicant while still managing the asset. A Gift letter is also required

Income (min)

No Minimum Income. Clients to evidence independent material income which must support their personal and business commitments. Where the exit is refinance onto an investment mortgage we will need to ensure the rental income is sufficient to service the debt. Where the client is servicing the interest, we will need to be provided with details of income to validate affordability


Applicants should have at least one of the following; be experienced investor with at least 2 investment properties detailed within their property schedule OR have completed at least 2 or more projects of similar scale in last 5 years OR have the relevant industry experience.
Up to 75% LTV

Loans from £50k to £15m

Heavy refurbishment options including residential to commercial conversions

Minimum personal guarantee of 25% of the loan amount (non-refurb bridging only)

Bridge to term available


For light refurbishment deals we now only need clients to be able to demonstrate either relevant property sector experience (this could be on an employed basis) or 1 similar completed project within the last 5 years.
Heavy Refurbishment products (HR1, HR2) up to 75% LTV

Holiday lets/Short term lets: -
Single dwelling houses and flats only, multi-unit blocks of serviced apartments are not allowed

Property must be in a location with a letting demand for an assumed 6-month AST, specialist holiday lets in remote locations where there is no long term tenant demand are unacceptable

Assumed AST rental income will be used for affordability and viability of exit assessment.

Capital Raise: - Considered for any legal purpose for non-regulated bridging.

Please see below for acceptable purposes for regulated bridging.

Capital raises of more than £150,000 or when more than 50% equity is being removed that are not in keeping with a profile should have a satisfactory explanation.

Ex-pats can be considered if funds are being used for further purchase of a UK asset.

Repaying a Bridge: - Acceptable where the bridge was used to complete works or auction purchase.
In other scenarios we will need to understand the reason bridging finance was used.

Developer Exit: - Can be considered up to 75% when we have seen sales or exchange of contract for properties within the site.

Reasons for Regulated Bridging

Acceptable: -

Chain break
Light refurbishment when the property does not comply with standard residential mortgage requirements (e.g. internal condition, no kitchen/bathroom)
Capital raise on current property to fund the onward purchase of a private residential property
Downsizing (including scenarios when the customer is borrowing 100% of the purchase price of the new property with exit via sale of the current property)
Auction Purchase
Divorce settlement subject to terms of the Financial Settlement Order in place

Not Acceptable: - Below Market Value purchases (purchase price should be a reflection of the open market value)

Right to Buy
School fees
Tax bills
Starting a new business
Injecting funds to an existing business to support cashflow
Debt consolidation
Consumer BTL
Repaying a bridge

Not Acceptable: -

Below Market Value purchases (purchase price should be a reflection of the open market value)
Right to Buy
School fees
Tax bills
Starting a new business
Injecting funds to an existing business to support cashflow
Debt consolidation
Consumer BTL
Repaying a bridge

DWP Tenants


Ex-Local Authority Properties

Ex-local houses considered
Ex-local flats considered

Acceptable subject to:
Lease with a professional operator of emergency housing

Assumption of a standard AST with private rented sector tenants for affordability and viability of exit assessment (as opposed to lease rental income)

Property to be valued as a standard house or an HMO with no premium attributed to the lease

Private tenants in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit are also acceptable.

Minimum years remaining on leasehold property

55 years remaining at term expiry

Minimum Ownership

No minimum ownership period
before remortgage considered. Will lend against OMV within 6 months subject to criteria.

Permanent rights to reside and remain

Yes (unless Ex-Pat)


75% LTV, applicants must own 2 properties within the UK with 1 of them have a UK mortgage on. Income MUST equal £50,000. Any proof of address and ID must be countersigned as true originals by a notary within their country of residence or from the UK embassy. Proof of income will also be required.
EU Nationals can be considered on the basis that: -
When they reside in the UK

They meet standard experience criteria, i.e. experience within the last two year in the UK and property investments.
Ex-pat applications when the security is the client's previous residential property.

New Builds

All new builds considered.

Credit Score


Rental Calculation

Bridge to Let option available

Historic CCJ’s & Defaults

Refer to 3mc

Valuation Fees

Paid direct to lender at the lender fee scales

Maximum number of applicants

No maximum


Will lend in England, Wales and Scotland


Access to Shawbrook Bank is available via selected packagers only.

Missed mortgage payments

Adverse considered on a case by case basis. Missed mortgage payments over 12 months ago considered.

Property Type / Commercial

Single Residential investment unit, HMO’s, student BTL. Multi-unit on 1 title, semi commercial, commercial investments units plus owner occupied commercial units. Available to trading Ltd Co. SPV’s and individuals.
SIPP's and SAS accepted
Offshore LTD Companies and Trusts considered - Minimum loan size must be £750,000.
Flats in blocks exceeding five floors are considered by exception only. Consideration is given for highly experienced clients and where the valuation report provides strong commentary on sale & rental demand as well as location.


Will lend in England, Wales and Scotland

Type of Credit Search conducted at AIP stage

Hard foot print


Shawbrook always lends on the Bricks and Mortar value. We will consider light refurbishment which is defined by the cost of the works and whether these works require planning permission so we understand the condition of the property will vary. If they are not planning any refurbishment we want the condition of the property to be good.

Heavy Refurbishment products (HR1, HR2) up to 75% LTV *** Check product guide for availability.
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