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Mortgage Type

Bridging Lenders

Property Value (min)

£100,000 - lower considered

Advance (min)

£75,000 Bridging/Auction,

£200,000 refurb

£250,000 Dev Exit

£500,000 Development

Advance (max)

75% Resi bridging
70% Commercial/ land - up to £30m

Term (Max)

Bridging - 18 months Dev exit - 12 months Development - 24 months

Minimum Age

21 years

Maximum Age

75 at the end of the term

Family Cash Gift Deposit

On all purchase cases the source of deposit must be disclosed. LendInvest may request that evidence of the deposit is produced.

Family Gift of Equity Deposit

On all purchase cases the source of deposit must be disclosed. LendInvest may request that evidence of the deposit is produced.

Income (min)

No minimum income, however: -

Collectively, the applicants/directors must have a combined total income of £30,000 or more. This can include income from employment, self-employment, pensions, investments, and rental or other property income.
Will require verification of personal income in certain cases.
Acceptable income evidence should be one (or a combination) of the following: latest SA302, 3 months’ payslips, P60, or minimum 3 months’ bank statements


1st charge only

Individual/SPV / LLP Limited Company
Standard BTL investment properties such as a house or Flat

HMO's up to a maximum of 15 bed - MUFBs.

Semi-Commercial/pure commercial
Land with and without planning
Residential developments, max single unit GDV £1m.

Portfolio limit for landlords of up to 20 properties allowed with LendInvest, unlimited outside of LI.

Bridge to let option available - designed to secure the purchase of a run-down property and allow time for repairs and to make available for rent. To refinance an existing property that needs
modernisation to add value, or to meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard.

To purchase or refinance a HMO that needs improvement to meet licensing rules.

Light refurbishment only for a short term mortgage
Refurbishment work that requires either building regulations approval or planning permission is not allowed: unless the planning permission is required for the change of use of a building from a dwelling house (Planning Use Class C3) to a small HMO (Planning Use Class C4) in a designated area where the local planning authority is operating an Article 4 direction.

Let to Buy (Turning Residential into Buy to Let)

Yes, range dependent.

Ex-Local Authority Properties

Yes, considered.

Minimum years remaining on leasehold property

Freehold, leasehold with 60+ years left on the lease

Minimum Ownership

None for short term finance

Permanent rights to reside and remain

Yes, required.


UK and non-UK residents and companies considered.

New Builds

Yes, considered. See Restrictions and product guide for renovation criteria.

Light or heavy refurbishment, and minor development: structural, conversion or extension work that constitutes permitted development or for which existing planning permission is in place.

Credit Score


Rental Calculation

An exit strategy is required.

Historic CCJ’s & Defaults

Considered on a case by case basis. However: -

Bankruptcy/IVA: No bankruptcy/IVA in the last three years. If bankruptcy/IVA occurred in the last six years, a full explanation is required.

For Development Exit: no bankruptcy.

County Court judgments (CCJs): All CCJs must be satisfied and should not exceed £5,000. If more than one CCJ is present in the last six years or if more than three CCJs are present in the last six years, please contact us. An explanation of any CCJ recorded is required in all cases.

For Development Exit: if more than three CCJs are present in the last three years, it will be referred.

Mortgage/secured loans: All secured loans should be up to date at the time of application with no arrears greater than one monthly payment in the last 36 months.Unsecured loans/revolving credit: Any arrears or defaults in the last 24 months are at the underwriter’s discretion to disregard.

Criminal convictions: Not permitted unless relating to motoring offences, or at the underwriter’s discretion.

Valuation Fees

Valuation fees are paid direct to the lender at the lenders fee scales on their website. For each type of short term finance, the prices may vary. Ranging from Residential bridging, HMO/MUB, Light/Heavy refurbishment, Regulated bridging, Auction and Bridge to Let. Arrangement Fee is 2%

Maximum number of applicants

2 on individual(s) applications and for Ltd Co it's Maximum of 4 directors/shareholders/members. Full personal guarantees required.


Will lend in England, Scotland and Wales


Access to Lendinvest can be via 3mc as your selected packager.


All conditions considered. Case by case
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