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InterBay Commercial

Mortgage Type

Bridging Lenders

Property Value (min)


Advance (min)


Advance (max)

£5,000,000 to 75% LTV. Exceptions and portfolios considered.
Loans above £2,000,000 require transactional credit committee (TCC) approval

Term (Max)

18 months

Minimum Age

20 years

Maximum Age

85 at the end of the mortgage term

Family Cash Gift Deposit

Yes - from a direct relative

Family Gift of Equity Deposit

Yes - Family members credit needs to be checked

Income (min)

No Minimum Income


Check Tiers, as there is Tier 1, Tier 2, Standard and Developer Exit

Consider DSS/DWP - but case will refer, subject to location and surrounding area.

Medium/light refurbishment

Secured on a residential investment property where planned refurbishment works do not require planning permission or building regulations, and there’s no change to the overall use or nature of the property – e.g., internal refurbishment/reconfiguration, such as redecoration, replacement of bathrooms, kitchens, replacement doors, windows, flooring, and non-load bearing re-configuration

The refurbishment works shouldn’t exceed more than 30% of the day one value/purchase price, or £200,000; whichever is lower

Heavy refurbishment

Secured on residential investment property where planned refurbishment works require planning permission or building regulations e.g. structural works and extensions/loft conversions

Applicants without a two year proven track record of refurbishment properties aren’t acceptable

The refurbishment works should not exceed more than 40% of the day one value/purchase price, or £300,000; whichever is lower.

DWP Tenants


Minimum years remaining on leasehold property

Buy to let/HMO (standard) – 50 years at end of loan term Commercial – 65 years at end of loan term

Minimum Ownership

No minimum ownership period before remortgage considered. All cases considered on own merits

Permanent rights to reside and remain

Yes (unless Ex-Pat)

New Builds

All new builds considered.
HMO and New Build Flats up to max 75%

Credit Score


Rental Calculation

Maximum 12 months’ interest roll-up for Heavy refurb. Maximum 10 months’ interest roll-up for Medium refurb. Maximum 6 months’ interest roll-up for
Light refurb. All loans are subject to a minimum 3 month term.

Developer Exit product, Pre-Planning and Refurb products available including Bridge to Term

Historic CCJ’s & Defaults

2 years with no adverse credit – no CCJ’s over £500 in last 3 year. All others can be considered

Valuation Fees

Paid direct to lender at the lender fee scales

Maximum number of applicants

Individuals, limited companies, LLPs, partnerships and trusts and pension schemes (incl. SIPPs) Minimum two years’ relevant sector experience No maximum


Will lend in England and Wales


Access to InterBay commercial is available via selected Key Partners only

Missed mortgage payments

No Adverse in the last 2 years

Property Type / Commercial

HMO’s, student BTL. Multi-unit on 1 title, semi commercial, commercial investments units plus owner occupied commercial units. Available to trading Ltd Co. SPV’s, SIPPs and individuals.


Will lend in England and Wales

Type of Credit Search conducted at AIP stage

Soft foot print only
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