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Hampshire Trust Bank

Mortgage Type

Bridging Lenders

Property Value (min)

£133,333 - minimum loan has to be £100,000

Advance (min)


Advance (max)

£2,500,000 per property

Term (Max)

12 months - any longer is an exception

Minimum Age

21 years

Maximum Age

No maximum

Family Cash Gift Deposit

Yes, considered

Family Gift of Equity Deposit

Yes, considered

Income (min)

No minimum income required, but exit must be feasible.


Extent of works: The works should not exceed more than £350,000.

Refurbishment – Suitable uses
Decoration, light central heating and electrical work, internal re-configuration of non-load bearing nature, replacement windows/doors/flooring, full rewiring, installation of new bathrooms/kitchens

Refurbishment – Unsuitable uses
No works requiring planning permission, building regulations or re-configuration of load-bearing walls

Short Term Lending
Secured against residential security where there is no element of refurbishment or construction.

Developers Exit
Secured against recently completed and compliant residential security where the construction phase has completed – pending a sale.

Let to Buy (Turning Residential into Buy to Let)


Ex-Local Authority Properties

Yes, considered

Minimum Ownership

None required.

Permanent rights to reside and remain

Not required



New Builds


Credit Score

Yes – however only accounts for a small part of the overall decision

Historic CCJ’s & Defaults

Considered on a case by case basis.

Valuation Fees

Paid direct to lender at the lender fees scale

Maximum number of applicants



England and Wales only.


Direct via a packager such as 3mc.
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