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Hampshire Trust Bank

Mortgage Type

Specialist BTL/Commercial

Property Value (min)

£133,333 - minimum loan amount is £100,000 - so property has to be over this amount.

Advance (min)


Advance (max)


Term (Max)

30 years

Family Cash Gift Deposit


Family Gift of Equity Deposit


Income (min)

No minimum income

Ex-Local Authority Properties

Yes, flats and houses

Minimum years remaining on leasehold property

50 years at the end of the mortgage

Minimum Ownership


Permanent rights to reside and remain

Not required


Yes, also, Foreign Nationals based in over 110 countries acceptable

New Builds

Yes, considered

Credit Score

Yes – however only accounts for a small part of the overall decision

Rental Calculation

Limited company: BTL 125% HMO over 6 bedrooms – 140%

Personal name: BTL 140% HMO over 6 bedrooms – 155%

5 year fixed – stressed at pay rate

2 year fixed – stressed at pay rate + 2%

5:2 – stressed at payrate

Historic CCJ’s & Defaults

Assessed on a case by case basis

Valuation Fees

Paid direct to lender at the lender valuation fee scales

Maximum number of applicants

10 maximum


England & Wales

Regulated BTLs

Not considered

Property Type / Commercial

Residential and Semi Commercial

The value of the residential element can be up to 50% of the total valuation and should have its own separate access

• Large and small portfolios
• Holiday lets
• HMOs
• Development exits
• Sitting tenants
• New build flats

Type of Credit Search conducted at AIP stage

Hard credit search

Portfolio Landlords

Portfolio Landlords Accepted

Background Portfolio Requirements (Example)

– No maximum LTV for the overall portfolio

Portfolio Landlord Criteria (Example)
– No limit on the size of existing portfolio with other lenders

Additional Document Requirements

– Portfolio Schedule – All cases
– Business Plan – All cases
– Asset & Liability Statement – All cases
– Cashflow Statement – All cases
* Lender will accept client versions for all documents
NB – Portfolio assessment will be valid for 12 months to reduce requirements on subsequent applications providing there are no material changes

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