The Mortgage Lender

What do we do? Well, the clue’s in the name – we love to lend.

We’re an independent mortgage provider at the heart of what some people call the ‘specialist mortgage market’.

Thing is, this isn’t really us. We prefer to describe what we do as ‘lifestyle lending’.

Nowadays, it’s perfectly normal to be freelance or self-employed, divorced or single. It’s the new normal to us.

Providing mortgages to people with less than usual lifestyles is what we do.

How to Register with this Lender

Please click on the following link in order to register on The Mortgage Lender’s website – The Mortgage Lender Registration

This is required in order for 3mc to be able to submit an AIP to the lender. Please input your FCA Number and company details and follow the remainder of the registration process.

How to Submit Business

In order to submit business to The Mortgage Lender, 3mc require the broker to be registered on the lenders website, to do that please use the following link: – The Mortgage Lender Registration

Once you have registered with the lender, please complete an interactive TML Data Capture Form and send it through to

Lender Products

The Mortgage Lender Lumi Residential Range

Product highlights below: –

  • Lumi highlighted range – TML’s leading residential products

The Mortgage Lender Help to Buy 80% LTV Scotland

Product highlights below: –

  • Applies to Help to Buy only
  • Available on Purchase only and distribution via whole of market – no exclusions
  • Geographically restricted to Scotland only
  • 2 year and 5 year fixed rates
  • RL0 to RL6
  • Free valuation (not refunded), £150 application fee & £30 TT Fee
  • Completion fees £995-£1495
  • No change to ERCs
  • No change to revert rates
  • No change to min/max loan amounts where applicable