Precise Mortgages Right To Buy Product Guide

Precise Mortgages

Range highlights: –

  • 90% and 100% of discounted purchase price products available
  • Up to 75% LTV 5 year fixed rate products help the affordability calculation
  • Zero fee products
  • Customers with a less than perfect credit profile considered

To be eligible for the Right to Buy scheme:
The customer: – Must have been a tenant of the council or housing association for a minimum of 3 years
(does not have to be consecutive)
Must have settled any rent arrears within 4 weeks of the landlord requesting payment
The property:
The landlord will determine the value of the property. Any disputes about valuation must be settled before a mortgage application is made
Discount is determined by length of tenancy
The maximum discount across England is £78,600, with the exception of London boroughs where it’s £104,900

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Precise Mortgages Right To Buy Product Guide

How to Apply