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Mortgage Type


Property Value (min)

£75,000 or £150,000 in London postcode areas within the M25

Advance (min)


Advance (max)

£1,500,000 up to 75% LTV if in London & South East (fees can be added)
£1,000,000 up to 75% LTV in all other areas

Term (Max)

30 years

Minimum Age

21 years

Maximum Age

85 years

Family Cash Gift Deposit


Family Gift of Equity Deposit


Income (min)

£15,000 (combined)

Ex-Local Authority Properties

Up to 70% LTV including fees if in pre-emption period.
If not, up to 80% LTV

Minimum years remaining on leasehold property

85 years at the beginning of the loan, 65 years unexpired at the end of the mortgage term

Minimum Ownership

6 months before remortgage - less is considered on a case by case basis. Subject to works done to property

Permanent rights to reside and remain

Yes, required



New Builds

New Build flats up to 80% LTV

Credit Score


Historic CCJ’s & Defaults

None allowed
Default Exceptions are on a case by case basis

Valuation Fees

Paid direct to the lender based on the lender fee scales

Maximum number of applicants



England and Wales only.


Paragon Bank can be accessed via a mortgage packager such as 3mc for residential products

Missed mortgage payments

Consider 1 missed in last 24 months

Shared Ownership


Right to Buy (RTB)


Debt Management Plan

No - none allowed

Help To Buy (Shared Equity)








Payday Loans

No, none allowed

Repayment Types

Capital and interest and Interest only - restricted to 75% LTV maximum

Lenders completion fee

Can be added to the loan, but is restricted on certain products


Affordability based


Minimum £15,000 income across all applicants combined
If employed via a family business, they will be underwritten as self employed

Self Employed

Minimum £15,000 income across all applicants combined
2 years self employed required - can consider 1 years completed accounts OR SA302's
Contractors considered but will be considered as self employed, so accounts and SA302's required.

Applicant(s) must be able to provide a full one year’s accounts and/or tax returns, together with next year’s forecast, if only one year’s accounts are available.
Will consider the latest years figures up to 85% (subject to other LTV restrictions)

Proof of Self-employment:
• HMRC Tax Calc OR SA302 + Overview OR Accounts

• For Directors add together for total income 100% of: Salary + Dividends =

• Changes in trading style i.e. Sole to LTD Co treated as continuous self-employment

Share of Dividends 100%
Share of Directors remuneration 100%
Share of directors car allowances Exception only
Share of directors pension contributions - No
Share of use of home as office – No
Share of private health insurance – No
Share of spouse's income (sole app) – If married we require the application to be in joint names.
Operating profit No
Retained net profit Yes
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