Kensington is a specialist lender with a focus on mortgages for the self-employed, Buy to Let investors and customers who require a decision to be made by an underwriter rather than a credit score. We understand that everyone is different and some people do not fit a standard mould, so our mortgages have a more personal focus.

How to Register with this Lender

Visit Kensington’s broker website to register. You’ll need your business details to hand, including your FCA Number.

How to Add 3mc as a Payment Route with This Lender

Click on your own “My Profile” from within your Kensington web portal. Then click on “Change preferred mortgage club lists” – then select “3mc” and use the arrow that would move 3mc into the right hand box to show in your preferred panel box. You will then need to save to confirm.

For further information – click on the below link

Kensington Procuration Fee Guide

How to Submit Business

In order to access Kensington’s specialist distributor exclusive 90% LTV products, you will need to fill in the data capture form and send it to – we charge £95.00 per application. Please find the necessary links below: –

Kensington Data Capture Form

Kensington Registration

Kensington Logon

How to Contact this Lender

For more details please call 0800 111 020 or visit the Kensington website.

Lender Products

Kensington Residential 95% Product Guide

Latest product guide below


Kensington Residential Select 85% LTV

Latest product guide below

  • Packaged product exclusive only.

Kensington Residential Mortgages

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Kensington Residential Select Premier Large Loan 90%

Product highlights include: –

  • £500,000 minimum loan
  • 1, 2 and 5 year fixed
  • No CCJ’s, Defaults and Secured arrears in 36 months
  • Status 2 in last 12 on unsecured credit
  • 0.25% completion fee

Kensington Buy to Let Mortgages

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