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InterBay Commercial

InterBay Commercial provides funding for the following property styles: Semi Commercial, Retail, Modern Industrial & Warehouse, Offices, Cafes, Restaurants & Take-Away’s, Guesthouses, Small Hotels, Residential BTL, Holiday Lets and HMO’s Rates from 4% + LIBOR, LTV’s to 85%, Interest Only facility for term of the loan (max 30 years) and full bank credit approval within 7 days


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To register with InterBay using 3mc as your mortgage club, you must be a directly authorised broker. Please complete the below form and email BrokerRegistrations@InterBayUK.com.

Once they receive your registration email confirmation will be sent to you with a link to login to the InterBay portal.

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Please contact our specialist mortgage desk on 0161 962 7800 and speak to one of the specialist team. Alternatively, e-mail the fully completed Data Capture form (see below), with signature from either the broker or applicant to allow credit search to be completed. Send this to commercial@3-mc.com Once this is complete and the case is going ahead, terms will be sent to the broker

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