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New Near Prime Residential Exclusives Launched – Kent Reliance

We are pleased to announce the launch of new Residential Near Prime Packager Exclusives from Kent Reliance. The near prime products are available up to 90% Loan to Value for remortgages, purchases and first time buyers. There is a £95 packaging fee with no additional valuation costs over and above the lenders valuation fee scale.

To obtain a lender DIP click here then scan and email the completed form to info@3-mc.com

For further information visit the 3mc website or call the specialist mortgage desk on 0161 962 7800.


  • Available to 90% LTV
  • DMP’s accepted where satisfactorily conducted for a minimum of 12 months
  • No value limits on CCJ’s, arrears or defaults
  • Rates from 3.19%
  • Click here for further information